Sunday, 24 January 2016

Press Coverage for People Thinking Action

In recent weeks the number of people coming to read this blog has shot up.

It really began with my post on spending Christmas in St Catherine's Hospice and it has continued with my posts containing templates and ideas for personalising End of Life Care using person centred approaches.

My posts have been featured by Blog Preston, and on Monday 25th January there will be a feature by Aasma Day in our local paper the Lancashire Evening Post.

I'm not sure whether it will be online, so at the moment the only way you can read it is get your cash out of your pocket and to buy the LEP!

I'm getting my nephrostomy tomorrow, so reading this article should cheer me up!

Photo by Sarah Walker of St Catherine's Hospice

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  1. Just seen the piece about your blogs in the evening post. You will be helping so many people that read these who are battling cancer and their families. My dad did something simular but his was like a book so it's nice for me to keep now. I wish you all the best in the future and you keep on fighting. X