Sunday, 19 May 2013

Arthur and Merlin discuss questions.

"Why do you say questions hold more truth than answers Merlin?" asked Arthur, while he chewed on the last of his porridge.

"Yesterday's answers are different from today's boy" said the wizard, "and tomorrows will be different again."

"Questions can be like butterflies you see Arty. They can land on an answer for a while, and take all the nectar they can out of it. Or sometimes they're like rabbits that have got caught in a trap. It suits someone to hold them there."

Arthur looked at the old man puzzled.

"Do you mean that every question has someone whose voice hasn't been heard answering it yet, someone with another way of seeing it, someone whose answers might release the rabbit?"

"Is that an answer or a question lad?"

Arthur picked up a piece of straw and threw it into the fire. He watched as it twisted in the flames, then burned away into nothing.

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