Sunday, 20 January 2013

Improving this blog

As this is a brand new blog, I've still got lots of improvements to make to it.

If this blog was a house I'd just moved into, It would have had lots more visitors than I expected, even before I've got the carpet down or the teacups out of the packing cases. So that's motivated me to spruce it up.

I've made a few tweaks.

I'd like it to be very accessible and readable.

So I need your feedback.

Is the text the right size?

Is the background OK, does it make it easier or harder to read?

I've tried also to improve the sidebar - with some links to other blogs.

Are these the right blogs to link to?

Are there other blogs I should already know about and have linked to?

Am I covering the right topics?

What other topics would you like to see covered?

How else can I improve the blog?

What's working about it? What's not working?

I hope this blog will be a coproduction between me and its readers.

For that to happen, I'll need your feedback!

Click on the comment button to tell me what you think.

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