Sunday, 2 December 2012

What does Leadership Mean In The Inclusion Movement?

You don't build a movement toward inclusion by making a list of who can't be in it.

There will be unity in the graveyard, until then let's celebrate + enjoy multiple perspectives, difference, diversity, life itself.

Movements for change are built from multiply intersecting interests, they're rhizomatic and linked through roots of inspiration. Leaders must therefore not judge but inspire, point toward common goals.

This is my new blog. It continues the work I began at "Human Thinking Together".

I'll be sharing my own thoughts and experiences of this strange, difficult and exciting time. A time when every expert and authority seems to stand exposed with feet of clay. A time when human beings really do need to think and act together, working things out carefully and coproductively so that nobody is excluded from the great feast of life.

Please bear with me, I'll be adding to and adjusting this blog over the next few weeks.

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